What we do?

With it’s past experience from working with several well-known artists and clubs, Ycz Creative helps you promote your event by giving an impresive look to the event’s flyers, banners, logos etc.

Since 2009, hundreds of cups of coffee, hundreds of hours spent on artworks just to please our customers and create the best item for them.

Ycz Creative started work in 2009 (by then went by the name “Ycz Design”) just playing in Adobe Photoshop, editing photos for friends and family. Then it got bigger. We started taking things seriously.

Working in Bacau (Romania), we started creating flyers and logos for local nightclubs and a few businesses in the city. We ended up creating full company identity for some of them.

Ycz Creative started working with a Stand Up Comedy group formed by Tibi Neuronu, Cristian Dumitru and Catalina Bordea. Then it got a little bigger and started creating items not only in the city but in other places of the country too.

Here is a list of well-known artist that appeared on Ycz Creative’s flyers:


  • Tibi Neuronu (comedian, TVSHOW: vacanta Mare, CNP)

  • Cristi Priza (comedian, TVSHOW: Vacanta Mare, CNP, NTertainment)

  • Radu Pietreanu (comedian, TVSHOW: vacanta Mare)

  • Ionut Rusu (comedian, TVSHOW: iUmor, Global Entertainment)

  • Cristian Dumitru (comedian, Mi-e Foame)

  • Catalin Bordea (TVSHOW: Un show Pacatos)

  • Mika Violin and Addictive Elements

  • Trupa Feelings

  • Mihai Morar si Daniel Buzdugan (Radio Zu)

  • Raluka

  • Alex Mica

  • Emil Lassaria and Caitlyn

  • Desislava (Bulgaria)

  • famous “manele” singers from Romania

Our flyers and banners wew displayed not only in the whole country, but in other countries too. By selling items thru a platform called Envato, our artwork was displayed in USA, Germany, Dubai, France throughout clubs, nightclubs, hotels, offices and private events.

According to Envato ranking statistics, Ycz Creative is curently ranket top 800 graphic designers in the world.

“What started as a joke become viral”.

Not only we made ourself known through flyer designs, but we made some little jokes that gone viral. Ruby and Dorian Popa (Romanian singers) got a taste of it.

Protect yourself

Ycz Creative and Tibi Neuronu got the idea from Max Wright by creating condom packages with well-known Romanian companies motto, as a joke. It went viral and everybody was sharing it and laughing. Here are some examples (hope you know romanian language).

People we work with